Picture of the DHS wrestling team winning Masters.
Picture of the DHS Boys & Girls Wrestling Team.
Picture of the DHS manufacturing & welding banner.
Picture of the DHS Girl's Basketball tournament banner.
Picture of the 2023 Herb Jergentz Invitational banner.
Picture of the DHS Strength & Conditioning banner
Picture of the DHS AG Mechanics class banner
Picture of the California higher education logos and diploma  andcap.
Picture of the DHS FFA logo
Picture of the Durham Trojan and text that says "Durham High School News"
Image of the Durham Trojan  and text that states" Durham High School News"
Text that says ""Durham high and intermediate school sports physicals night" and an image of a trojan with helmet.
Image of the American Legion Seal
Image of college campus and students
Text that says " Every 15 Minutes"
DHS Girl's wrestler Reanna raising hands in victory