Thank you for joining us for the 2022-2023 school year. We are all thrilled to welcome your students for an outstanding year of learning and growing!

I can't wait for all of our Tigers, Panthers, and Trojans see familiar DUSD staff members and welcome our many new faces. Durham Elementary and Durham High School have new leaders this year. Samantha Brown moves from her second grade classroom to the Principal’s office, and Marty Wilkes takes over the Principal reins at Durham High School.

DES welcomes new teachers Hailey DuBose (Kindergarten), Alondra Castillo (1st Grade), Christina Dwyer (2nd Grade), Malena Hawks (3rd Grade), Pauline Dealy (4th Grade), Jocelyn Benson (4th Grade) and Andrea Mahling and Heather McCune in Special Education.
DIS and DHS welcome an entire new PE Department with Kinsey Coughenour, Michael Richards and Matt Stanley. Also new at Durham High School are: Tiffany Biro (English), Elena Cuadros-Gonzalez (Social Studies) and Chloe Birchmier (Agriculture).
Planning continues for the remodeling of DIS with the Measure X Bond funds, but construction likely won’t start until next school year.

Durham has always been a wonderful place for our children, and I look forward to working with staff, students, parents, and community members to celebrate our rich history and lead Durham Unified School District into great new things as we journey together towards the future.

I believe that Durham can provide the best possible educational experience for our students as long as staff, students, and parents work together as a team. This means that, as your superintendent, I want to hear from you not only about the things we are doing well, but also about what we can do better. You can always email me at jbohannon@durhamunified.org or call at 895-4675.

Durham has been known for a long time, and is appreciated for, the volunteer support of parents and community members. Let's work together to continue to provide a big education in our small schools to all of our students who walk through our doors into our beautiful campus and community!

Go Tigers, Panthers and Trojans !!!


Superintendent John Bohannon