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DHS Junior class During Homecoming weekSeniors at Homecoming RallyDHS Junior class During Homecoming weekGo Trojans posterDHS Boys in Yearbook ClassDurham High Football Team with Durham Junior TrojansDHS Boys Varsity BasketballDHS Block D DanceDHS Block D SeniorsDHS Boys SoccerDHS Powder puff FootballDHS Shooting ClubDHS Varsity CheerDHS Girls Varsity VolleyballDHS Seniors at Powderpuff Volleyball- During HomecomingDHS FFA Day- Student pose in front of Durham High School SignDHS junior boys at Block D DanceDHS Senior football playersBetter Together SignWelcome back DHS Seniors# Trojans written on windowsign that reads Seniors 2021Welcome back DHS SeniorsWelcome back sign that has red, white and blue swirlsSenior students standing infront of a sign that reads Seniors 2021Senior students standing infront of a sign that reads Seniors 2021Senior students standing infront of a sign that reads Seniors 2021


Please make sure you visit the Durham Unified School District Website for district wide announcements and updates throughout this school year.

Varsity Schedule

Junior Varsity Schedule

Thursday, December 2nd

12:00pm- Los Molinos vs Durham

1:30pm- Mt. Shasta vs Redding Christian

Friday, December 3rd

12:00pm- Redding Christian vs Los Molinos

1:30pm- Mt. Shasta vs Durham

Saturday, December 4th

12pm- Redding Christian vs Durham

1:30pm- Los Molinos vs Mt. Shasta

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Varsity Schedule

Thursday, December 9th

10:30am Hamilton vs Paradise

1:30pm Lower Lake vs Central Valley

6pm Fall River vs Colusa

7:30pm Yreka vs Central Valley

Friday, December 10th

12pm Durham vs Yreka

3pm Hamilton vs Colusa

6pm Paradise vs Fall River

7:30pm Durham vs Lower Lake

Saturday, December 11th

10:30am 7th/8th place game

1:30pm 5th/6th place game

4:30pm 3rd/4th place game

7:30pm 1st/2nd place game

Junior Varsity Schedule

Thursday, December 9th

9am Hamilton vs Paradise

12:30 Lower Lake vs Central Valley

3pm Fall River vs Colusa

4:30pm Anderson vs Central Valley

Friday, December 10th

9am Durham vs Lower Lake

10:30amParadise vs Fall River

1:30pm Hamilton vs Colusa

4:30pm Durham vs Anderson

Saturday, December 11th

9am 7th/8th place game

12pm 5th/ 6th place game

3pm 3rd/ 4th place game

6pm 1st/2nd place game

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2021 Northern Section Football Playoffs Division 4 Football

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Durham High School is experiencing problems with the main phone number (530) 895-4685. If you are trying to reach Durham High School please call (530) 895-4680.

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Durham High Office Staff

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Homecoming is next week. It is time to show some Trojan Spirit as football prepares for the East Nicolaus Spartans

Our themed spirit days are as follows: 

  • Monday- Tarzan (Animal Print)
  • Tuesday- Space Jam (Sports)
  • Wednesday- CaddyShack (Country vs Country Club)
  • Thursday- Back to the Future (Throwback Clothes)
  • Friday- High School Musical (Blue, White and Red)

Homecoming Rally Schedule 10/22/2021

Period Period Start Time Period End Time
Period 18:05 AM8:35 AM
Passing8:35 AM8:40 AM
Period 28:40 AM9:10 AM
Break9:10 AM9:20 AM
Passing9:20 AM9:25 AM
Period 39:25 AM9:55 AM
Passing9:55 AM10:00 AM
period 410:00 AM10:30 AM
Passing10:30 AM10:35 AM
Period 510:35 AM11:05 AM
Passing11:05 AM11:10 AM
Period 611:10 AM11:40 AM
Passing11:40 AM11:45 AM
Period 711:45 PM12:15 PM
RALLY12:15 PM12:50 PM

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