Dear Trojan parents, students and friends,

Durham High School is up and running and getting excited to put together the best possible year for each one of our students.  We look forward to our actual on-campus instruction but in the meantime we are committed to staying up to speed and ready to go.  Listed below is some of the paperwork you may be needing and will be receiving.  Our student schedules were mailed August 20 so you should be receiving them any time.  Let us know if you don’t receive one by August 27.  Here is what I have included in your paperwork and on the web site for your review.  

  • DHS Table – Distance Learning Schedule: This is the schedule that your child will need to log on and have an in person meeting with the teacher and their peers in that class. The meetings are by class periods.  The content in the on-line program matches the courses you chose last spring or need to graduate. 
  • Meet and Greet: Period 8 (Advisory Teachers) This year we assigned a teacher to be each student’s advisor.  This teacher’s period advisory is scheduled for 8th period.  Each advisor will be calling emailing or otherwise scheduling a meet and greet with each student.  These meetings will be the week of August 31-September 4.   This appointment is very important for you to attend. It will provide a chance for you to meet your advisory teacher.  At the high school level, there may be three students in a group, all wearing masks and social distancing as appropriate. Your appointment will consist of:
    • Meeting your homeroom teacher
    • Reviewing your virtual meeting times and google classroom codes
    • Picking up any school supplies provided by the school
    • Checking out a Chromebook
    • Making sure you can log in 
    • Answering any questions you may have

The first day of school is September 2nd, but we will start our virtual meetings on Tuesday, September 8th, after all of our advisory teachers have an opportunity to meet and greet each student the week before.

As always, we are looking forward to a positive school year. Please reach out to the Durham High School office with any questions you may have and thank you for your continued support for our school, staff, students, and community. 

Robbin Pedrett, Principal
Durham High School

The following documents were mailed to the DHS students.

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