Although this year is different from any other, our students still have a story to share and remember.

Click on the links below to submit photos and info for the yearbook!

PetsUpload an image of your pet and tell us about them. If you have more than one pet, submit one form per pet.
Students with JobsShare your job experience with us. Upload an image of you at your job and/or in your work uniform and other details about your position. 
Last Normal PhotoShare with us your last normal photo prior to the quarantine/pandemic starting.
Student Art at HomeShare some of your art projects you work on at home. See this slideshow for tips on how to take good images of your work: 
Quarantine HairDo you have a solid quarantine hair look going on right now? Share a pic of your hairdo. 
Impulsive BuysDid you impulsively buy something recently? Share the story with us and an image of your impulse buy.
Staying PositiveShare with us how you stay positive, especially during this pandemic time.
My PlaylistShare your playlist with us. No explicit titles please. Up to ten songs.
Friendships – Staying ConnectedShare some pics of you and your besties. 
Your Best Insta PostsShare some of your best pics from Instagram.
Mask FashionShow off your mask fashion. Homemade mask? Custom mask? Quirky mask? 
SiblingsDo you have a sibling in high school? Share your pics and details. (high school age siblings only)
Working OutDo you shred? Share your workout details with us! 
Car CultureShow off a pic of your car or car project. Let us know the details of what you are working on.
Student HobbiesDo you ride horses or crochet or hunt or garden….??? What are your hobbies? Share them with us.