Dear Parent/Guardian,

This summer the legislators passed Assembly Bill 104 that allows parents or students over the age of 18 to apply for a grade change from a “deficient letter grade” of C or D to a grade marked as a Pass.  The student or parent has to fill out an application with specific information and the school will change the grade, if appropriate, (no SOU courses), on the permanent transcript.  There is a strict timeline on this offer and the request must be made prior to October 1.  Without the request, the grade earned will stand and become permanent on the transcript.  There are colleges and universities that will accept the “pass” as a grade and they are included in this mailing as a listing of those potential colleges and universities. 

GRADE CHANGES (Letter Grade to Pass/No Pass)

Education Code section 49066.5 (AB 104) establishes that a parent, which includes the natural or adoptive parent or guardian, the person having legal custody, or other educational rights holder, or a student who is age 18 or older and enrolled in high school during the 2020-21 school year, may apply for one or more of their child’s letter grades for a course, taken during the 2020-21 school year in high school, to be changed to a Pass or No Pass on the student’s transcript. There is no limit as to the number or type of courses eligible for this grade change application. The grade change application shall not negatively affect the student’s grade point average or result in the forfeiture of a student’s eligibility for athletics or school programs.

The grade change application must be submitted to your child’s school on or before Friday, October 1, 2021. A school will not accept applications after that date. The school is required to make the change of a student’s grade from a letter grade to a Pass (A-D) or No Pass (F) within 15 days of the request and will notify the student and student’s parent or guardian that the grade was changed.  (SOU COURSES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR GRADE CHANGES).

Absent an application to change a transcript by this date, a letter grade earned in the 2020-21 school year will remain on the student’s transcript. Please note some postsecondary educational institutions, including those in other states, may not accept a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade for admission purposes.

How to Request a Grade Change Application for the School Year 2020–2021

If you would like to request a GRADE CHANGE APPLICATION SCHOOL YEAR 2020–2021 for an “eligible pupil,” please follow these steps:

Review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  2. Submit the completed GRADE CHANGE APPLICATION SCHOOL YEAR 2020–2021 form to your student’s school site in person or via email to the school principal using the email subject line: “AB104 Grade Change.” Principal contact information is available online or is 
  3. Pupil and parents/guardians will be notified of the change within 15 days of the District receiving the application.

DHS Grade Change Letter

Official Postsecondary List of Schools

Grade Change Form

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