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Our goal at Durham High School is to create an environment that provides students with access to a challenging and rewarding high school experience, which includes quality academics and vocational, visual and performing arts and extracurricular programs. In doing so, we feel all students will be prepared for the world beyond secondary education.

Thanks to a student-oriented staff and a supportive community, our students are provided with opportunities to take positive risks, learn more about themselves and others, and experience success or failure while having a safety net of caring adults to guide them through these four years.

While we recognize that we are an academic institution, we strive to create a community atmosphere that exists on a basis of strong personal relationships among all stakeholders: students, parents, staff and our community. In many ways we are the hub of our community—we carry a tremendous responsibility to maintain academic and extracurricular programs marked by excellence during these most difficult fiscal times.

In recent years, we have made significant progress in aligning curriculum, assessing student achievement, improving test scores and providing interventions to students who are struggling. We recognize that our efforts in all of these areas will always be a work in progress as we look to improve student performance.  Durham High School’s Smarter Balanced test scores in English language arts (ELA) at 72 percent meet or exceed ranking us among the top two within Butte County high schools.  I am excited with the progress we are making in CTE Career Pathways both in Manufacturing/Engineering and Agri-Business.

Thanks to our highly committed student-centered staff, we are confident that we will continue to improve in the areas we can control—taking care of our students, improving classroom instructional practices and improving student achievement.

Since its founding in 1922, Durham High School is a school where tradition is honored, innovation is valued and excellence is a hallmark.

I am honored to serve Durham High School and the Durham Community.
Terry S. Bennett, Principal



To prepare students for independent, responsible, successful lives after high school, and to foster self-worth, a love for lifelong learning, and a commitment to global responsibility for all students, we at Durham High School will provide an environment and experiences that will encourage each individual to achieve full potential in these areas:

  • physical health
  • emotional maturity and wellbeing
  • academic preparation
  • intellectual development
  • social responsibility
  • ethical values


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