Welcome to Durham High School!

Durham High School is a comprehensive four-year school that strives for excellence in academics, athletics, public service and the industrial arts. The faculty, staff and student body are proud of the excellent reputation our school has in Butte County.

Since its founding in 1922, Durham High School has maintained high academic standards, enrolling some 318 talented, energetic and diverse students annually. This website provides a general overview of Durham High School.




To prepare students for independent, responsible, successful lives after high school, and to foster self-worth, a love for lifelong learning, and a commitment to global responsibility for all students, we at Durham High School will provide an environment and experiences that will encourage each individual to achieve full potential in these areas:

  • physical health
  • emotional maturity and wellbeing
  • academic preparation
  • intellectual development
  • social responsibility
  • ethical values

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