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Welcome to Durham High School!  Whether you are a returning parent or one who is new to our district or school, high school is an important and exciting time in the life of your student!

Our goal at Durham is to offer opportunities for all students to begin to realize and achieve their potential.  We believe that academics are incredibility important but so is involvement in our other programs.  We’d like to mention a few:

  • CTE programs that include Manufacturing Technologies, Agri-Business and Viticulture not only develop career skills but also leadership and an opportunity to compete at a local, regional and state level with other students with the same interests.
  • Our classes offered in music performance and visual art are important, as excelling in the arts is rewarding for students, enjoyable for parents and community and may begin a career.
  • Our sports program also provides an opportunity for students to experience teamwork, skill building, leadership, and the challenges of competition.
  • Our Associated Student Body leadership group also provides an opportunity for students to learn how to give back and provide assemblies and programs for the benefit of the entire student body.

Although this is only a brief listing of some of the programs that are available, our partnership with Southern Oregon University to offer transferable dual credit for our AP and Honors courses is certainly a great value to “jump start” students on their way to a college degree while still in high school.  Durham also partners with Butte College in some valuable Career and Technical Programs.  We urge parents and students to look into and take advantage of these opportunities.

With the help and guidance of student-oriented staff and supportive community we encourage all students to become involved and become a part of something bigger.  Taking that first step can easily jump start into a passion, skill, or a career path for a lifetime.

***Here are a few important events for you to remember***

Orientation/Registration:  Incoming
Freshmen and new students will meet on Wednesday, August 8th starting at 6:00 pm in the gym.  If you will be a new student to DHS, regardless of your grade level, we encourage you to attend this night and receive information that will help you be successful from day one.  This is a great time for students and parents to learn and become more comfortable here at Durham High School.  Please remember to buy your ASB sticker during Registration so we can have them printed on the student ID.

Registration:  Returning students

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will meet on Thursday, August 9th starting at 6:00 pm in the gym.  Student class schedules will be distributed and other important information presented.  It is important that all students and parents attend orientation.  Please remember to buy your ASB sticker during Registration so we can have them printed on the student ID.

First Day of School:  Wednesday, August 15th.  All students meet in the gym at 8:30 am for an all-school assembly.

Pictures will be taken on Thursday, August 17th and student ID’s will be handed out on Friday, August 25th.

Please feel free to stop by the school, checkout our website or give us a call with any questions you may have before the school year starts and throughout the year.  We are excited to meet each of you and look forward to the 2018-2019 Trojan year!

With Regards,

Robbin Pedrett



To prepare students for independent, responsible, successful lives after high school, and to foster self-worth, a love for lifelong learning, and a commitment to global responsibility for all students, we at Durham High School will provide an environment and experiences that will encourage each individual to achieve full potential in these areas:

  • physical health
  • emotional maturity and wellbeing
  • academic preparation
  • intellectual development
  • social responsibility
  • ethical values


What's New

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Amber Hoffeld - Ag Department
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